Profile - Jim Irvine


Kennel Name - Vbos



Jim and Jet Involved with Flatcoats for 30 years. Have owned/bred 7 U.K. Show Champions, including Vbos The Kentuckian, B.I.S. at Crufts 2011. Awarded CCs in the breed for the first time in 1995. Have judged on 11 occasions, including Bitches at Crufts 2009. First Scandinavian/European appointment was in 1998 and since then have judged on numerous occasions in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Have also judged in Holland, Switzerland, Germany and Canada. Currently a serving member of the Executive Committee of Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland.







Profile - Sh.Ch. Vbos The Kentuckian Pet Name - Jet


Born - 30/08/01 Breed Record Holder with 64 CCs, 59 with B.O.B. plus 14 RCCs, which were won over 8 consecutive years (2004 - 2011). Group wins - 15, including B.I.S. at N.G.A. 2009 and 2010 and Gundog Society of Wales 2010. B.I.S. at General Champion Show level on 3 occasions, namely, East of England 2009, S.K.C. May 2011 and Crufts 2011. R.B.I.S. at Paignton 2009, W.K.C. 2010 and South Wales 2010. Champion Offspring in Finland, U.S.A., Canada, and 1 in the U.K.. Retired from the show ring May 2011.

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